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To Our Valued Readers and Subscribers
Firstly I apologize for the delay with this update.
Dragster Australia magazine is going through some changes, which we hope will ensure the future of the 34 year old publication.
Sales over the last financial year have not increased in the way I would have liked. Certainly the way that we read and access news and information has changed substantially over the years with the internet and digital newspapers and magazines, but having said that the majority of our readers have also looked forward to receiving a printed hard copy of Dragster Australia magazine.
We have also seen over the past few years a rise in readers who have been unable to find a copy of the magazine in their local newsagency. If you live in Victoria or country Queensland you would know it is almost impossible to buy an issue.
Investigations into that have led me to look into other ways to get more copies of the magazine distributed to more newsagencies, in other words we are changing the way the magazine is distributed throughout Australia.
The bottom line is that there is no point in producing a print magazine if we can’t get the right distribution.
Whilst we are doing that, we are also taking the opportunity to re-vamp the print version of Dragster Australia magazine and are also looking at other ways to make the magazine available via a digital online presence as a subscription that will reach a wider audience and market.
To do that, I needed to pull it off the shelf for period of time.
At this time Dragster Australia magazine will be back in the newsagents in August. Unfortunately sorting and finding the right distribution service for us is taking its time and that is out of our hands somewhat.
If you are a current subscriber you will not lose any issues, you subscription will still run till the end of however many issues you have left.
Thanking you for your support and we look forward to supplying your Drag Racing fix for many years to come.
Geoff Crisp
Publisher of Dragster Australia magazine.
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